THE HOMING sometimes takes a camera to gigs, and usually gets an audience member to film us.
These are not professional videos, but do give a flavour of the band's live show.
We are delighted when people send us photos or videos they have shot and always credit them when used.
If they're really good we will send you a free album!


At the final station on the cool Bacchus Marathon in Dorking. It's a great event, the run goes through the vineyards in one of the most beautiful parts of England.
We were parked up and running our own PA off a generator at the roadside on a baking hot Sunday, horses and Harleys passing within feet of us.
An added incentive is they serve wine at the 'water stations'.   A large crowd, many in amazing costumes, gathered to quaff and boogie and a great day was had by all.




Front Row festival main stage,   a benefit gig for Alzheimer's charities,   and a rainy night at Chickenstock


Front Row saw us returning with a new lineup after our brilliant gig there in 2017, Demfest was a great benefit event for Alzheimers charities in the New Forest and Chickenstock saw us play in the only hour it wasn't raining - our instruments were wet, we were worried about floating off down the hill, but the audiences' enthusiasm was undiminished - it had the benefit of the best food on the festival citcuit. We're already booked to support 'Show of Hands' there next year.